Bathroom Renovation – Wet Room Installation – Romford

Bathroom Renovation – Wet Room Installation

From the out look this project seemed to be a simple Bathroom Renovation. Once work start things turned a little for the worse because of the years of water ingress. However as a company we take everything within our stride and were able to sort everything out for our clients.

We replaced all the rotten joist that caused the floor to collapse in before we continued with the Bathroom renovation. Once the rotten joist were sorted the work was able to continue as usual for the team. We laid 25mm Marine ply-board down throughout the floor area with the Wet Room tray. This then aloud us to apply the Wet Room system throughout the floor and walls.

The tiles were then laid throughout the floor, we always use R11 rated non-slip tiles in our wet rooms. For these clients they wanted a blue/green coloured tile and loved the idea of having a feature wall as well. So we got the same tiles with a small pattern on then to create a feature wall for our clients.

They decided to go for traditional looking sanitary wear, with a slight modern twist to them of course. The toilet is a traditional style with a concealed cistern within the wall. This also goes for the shower thermostat with its traditional style, however all concealed behind the wall.

Our clients are truly satisfied with the finish of the Bathroom renovation into the Wet Room and enjoy it every single day they shower.

  • Date 6th March 2018
  • Tags Bathroom