Our mission is to Design & Create amazing Spaces
We have a small but reliable team that consists of various qualified and experienced handymen who specialise in multiple trades. The team are always enthusiastic and go beyond customers expectations, maintaining a high standard of professionalism.

Our Fantastic Team

Please meet our team who will look after you throughout your projects. We are here to help you with all your property needs and are proud to do this with a professional group of tradesmen.


CEO/Director & Multi Trader (Handy Man)
I have a varied experience in the following as a Welder (Mig and Tig) and Metal Sheet work for 9 years making Aluminium and Steel Panel, Engine Doors and other parts for London Transport Buses.
After that I decided to change my job sector and did a mix  trade course over 2 years to become a Multi Tradesman/Handyman covering Tiling, Plumbing, Carpentry, Kitchen fitting and Decorating.
After my studies I worked for 1 year through an agency on Commercial jobs to get that experience outside of a class room now that I was well prepared with the skills I’ve acquired.
Afterwards I started my own business (Snippi) working as a one man band on Residential and Commercial Projects such as bathrooms, kitchens, Wetrooms, etc.
My Wife and Brother both left their full time jobs to work alongside me to form the team from there we have been building our family run business and will continue to do so, with pride and joy in everything that we do.
Our promise will always be to give you our personal assurance that in dealing with Snippi Decorator & Renovators you will always receive our undivided attention, respect and support from a team of professionals who are second to none.


Director & Secretary

I have a vast experience in different industries such as being a sales director for a small domestic distributor for 1 year and before that being an accounts manager for different small domestic distributors.

I learnt a lot over those years on how to build clients and engaging with people, so when my husband and I decided for me to leave my job and join the family business I did it with arms open. I have certainly learnt a lot over the past 3 years on running your own business.

However, we truly pride ourselves in giving top quality work and will always go over and beyond to help our customers. We take pride in everything that we do.

We will continue to do our utmost to please our customers and build our company going forward with taking on larger projects from domestic homes to commercial properties.

You can have my guarantee that we will receive our undivided attention, respect and support with all of your property needs.


Electrician & Trades Man
I have been in Property Management mostly and also an Electrician for as long as can remember.
And worked with Snippi Decorator & Renovators part-time from the beginning
Supporting my brother on all of the electrical works needed on his projects.
I decided to join the company full time as James needed someone full time with the knowledge of what he did, since then it has been the most rewarding thing I have done and am truly enjoying every minute of being apart of the company.
We all take pride in what we do and love to see our customers happy with the work that we do for them, this is one of the reasons it motivates me every day to go to work customers satisfaction.
I have been building a vast knowledge of different trades while working for Snippi Decorator & renovators, which has, of course, built my confidence with all the projects I have been doing with them and expanding my knowledge with Tiling, Carpentry, Fibre Glass Roofing, Decorating etc as well as my main trade as an Electrician.


Where can I start,
I’m the youngest member of Our Family Business.
I’m currently studying towards becoming a Architect in the future with my experience I’m gaining now.
I’ve been given the task as Prepping woodwork, undercoating and top coating as a Decorator which I totally enjoy and happy I’ve been trusted to do it, then again I’ve been doing it on and off for 2 years over summer holidays.
From a young age I have always joined my dad on holidays off school to come to work with him to help out doing the bits I know he always called time consuming such as packing away tools, cleaning buckets, sanding wood work and cleaning up on sites.
Now I can truly say I’m a Decorator in the making for now until I learn more, plus I’ll be doing a Carpentry course soon.
I’ve met a few of our clients and thank you for your continuous support having us in your homes over and over and for the new clients we look forward in working for you.

What our clients say

Snippi Decorators fitted a chemical damp proof course and waterproofed a damp basement for me. They were recommended to me by Koster who manufacture waterproofing products, and in my eye is a reputable company. I was really pleased by Snippi, they were very friendly and straight with me. I felt like they did a professional job. It's too early to confirm whether the damp proofing has been effective but there have been no problem so far.- James Fortherby

Why you should work with us

You will receive the best work that will leave you truly satisfied and happy with your new space.
Our Philosophy

Is to continue to build our knowledge within the industry so we are always on top when it comes to the best advice we provide our clients. To ensure that we continue to provide top quality Trades Men.

Our Vision

We want to continue to build the company with the same standards however large we become, ensuring that the personal relationship between builder and customer are always met. Along with continuing to keep it a family run business given others opportunities to join the team as well.

Our Mission

Is to give the best professional advice you can receive, with an amazing and supportive team that will be with you every step of the way through your projects where small or large. To continue to do so going forward with New and of course our trusted Returning customers.

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Covering areas within Essex and across London, we also work outside standard working hours for residential and Commercial Properties, covering major or minor works.